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We bring it to life

LaunchMyICO uses our ICO expertise to empower the next wave of blockchain entrepreneurs. We help innovative blockchain companies like yours by handling the complex details of organizing your ICO, so you can focus on developing your core business.

Your custom ICO launch. Designed from scratch

You won’t find any prepackaged or out-of-the box solutions here. Instead, you work with a dedicated project manager to create a fully customized program. Build the perfect launch, selecting all the services you need and only the services you need.


Take your project from concept to
fully-funded. Here’s how


Develop a winning strategy

Your ICO success starts with a token sale strategy and blockchain integration that works for your business.


Shape your identity

To 99% of the world your website and your whitepaper are your entire project. We create a dynamic, engaging


Stand out from the crowd

Leverage community, press and media buys well in advance to get maximum exposure for your ICO launch.


Launch your token sale

After a thorough audit of the smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure, your token goes up for sale.


Set your tokens free!

Following the crowdsale, your smart contract ensures tokens are distributed on time and with minimal effort.




Proprietary Software Features

  • Token Distribution Platform
  • Bounty Automation
  • Investor Wallets


Security & Trust Features

  • Smart Contract development & audit
  • ICO Audit
  • Escrow service

Our Services

  • ICO Essentials
  • Strategy and consulting
  • ICO Infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Community
  • Security & Trust

ICO Essentials


A visually-compelling website that communicates your unique value message to ICO investors.


Technically sound whitepaper that presents your specific use case in simple, straightforward language.

Video creation

Compelling video content to multiply the effectiveness of your messaging.


Translation of the website and whitepaper to open your project to the world market.

Strategy and consulting

ICO Consulting

Review your project structure and use case to give you the best chance of success.

Project manager

Work with a dedicated project manager from start to finish to coordinate all the details of a launch.

Advisory board

We can leverage our international network of fintech and blockchain experts to provide you with 5 top advisers to shape your project and lend credibility.

Legal consulting

ICO-experienced third-party legal consultants review your plans and infrastructure to ensure protection for both you and your investors.

ICO Infrastructure

Blockchain Infrastructure

Expert blockchain engineers ensure your project is ready to go to market.

Token sale wizard

Manage your project and analyze results on our proprietary token sale dashboard.

Smart contract

A bulletproof smart contract ensures a painless ICO and token distribution process.

Investor wallets

Our investor wallet makes it easy to invest in your project.


Media Buys

Top crypto websites, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Press releases

Placement in top crypto and mainstream publications such as Coin Telegraph, Forbes and TechCrunch

Investor outreach

Proactive outreach to top relevant investors in our network and via LinkedIn, Bitcointalk, more

Listing services

Guaranteed: 5 ICO listing websites, 2 ICO Marketplaces, 2 ICO wallets and 2 coin exchanges.


Community building

We'll build and manage a following for your project on Bitcointalk, Reddit and Telegram.

Social media

Find early adopters and investors via active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Bounty management

Our bounty automation software allows you to channel the power of the crypto community to execute difficult tasks for zero up-front cash investment.

Customer service

We handle questions from the public and investors so that you can keep focused on your core business.

Security & Trust

ICO audit

Our audit team thoroughly reviews all aspects of your ICO and blockchain project to ensure the structure is sound and it can function as planned.

Smart contract audit

Your smart contract is vetted to ensure a technically seamless and secure token sale and distribution.


Demonstrate transparency and security to your investors by storing funds with an escrow service to protect all parties.


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